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cyber- +‎ structure


cyberstructure (plural cyberstructures)

  1. A structure or entity in cyberspace; an information construct.
    • 1997, Steven R Holtzman, Digital mosaics: the aesthetics of cyberspace:
      The three-dimensional cyberstructures made of text cues, floating images, and thumbnails provide me with an index...
    • 1999, Ángel J Gordo-López, Ian Parker, Cyberpsychology
      In what ways is cyberculture a mould, a cyberstructure, as a technology-as-process, perhaps one akin to a coral reef that grows, is eaten away, regrows?
    • 2000, Susanmarie Harrington, Rebecca Rickly, Michael Day, The online writing classroom
      Outweighing these difficulties, in my judgment, is the fact that the only way to push forward into this new environment is to adapt existing cyberstructures...
    • 2003, John Brockman, The new humanists: science at the edge
      The real topic in computing is the cybersphere and the cyberstructures in it, not the computers we use as telescopes and tuners.