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Alternative forms[edit]

  • tsarocratic


From Slavic czar, "emperor" (ultimately from Latin Caesar), + -cratic, "of or pertaining to government" (ultimately from Greek kratos, "power").


czarocratic (comparative more czarocratic, superlative most czarocratic)

  1. Of or pertaining to czarocracy.
  2. autocratic.


  • 1908, "Call is Issued: Negroes to Meet in Philadelphia On April 7th to Consider Ills", in the Indianapolis Recorder, February 8, 1908, p. 1, col. 6.
In view of these unusual and extraordinay [sic] conditions, in view of the attempt of the present Czarocratic regime to perpetuate itself in power in imperial fashion, in view of the open candidacy for the Republican party's nomination for the presidency of one who in his official position as a cabinet officer has in speech in the South condoned their disfranchisement of citizens for color in admitted violation of the federal constitution, and who has supinely endorsed in to the the piuial [?] and autocratic discharge of colored soldiers without trail [sic] by executive decree, you as one of a class which almost from necessity has for two generations by its solid support and with a loyalty that sacrifices friends, the chance to make terms with the enemy and even life itself, kept the Republican party almost continuously in power, but one who is free from party obligation, are invited to a National Conference of colored men, and of avowed friends to be held in the City of Philadelphia, Pa., on the 7th day of April, 1908, to counsel together as to the wisest course to be pursued politically by the colored citizens of the country, especially those unrobbed of the ballot who are willing to use this weapon for the rights and liberties of their class, under the present abnormal condition of affairs.
  • 1912, George Washington Jackson, School-room helps for teachers and parents, A.M.E. Sunday School Union, Nashville.
They are impressed with the idea that their office or position in the school room calls for ironclad rules and Czarocratic government.

Derived terms[edit]