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See also: -dä, dae, DAE, da'e, and d.ä.

Central Franconian[edit]



(definite, full)

  1. (Ripuarian) masculine nominative and accusative
  2. (Ripuarian) feminine dative
  3. (some dialects of Ripuarian) plural dative

Usage notes[edit]

  • The reduced form of is der, in some dialects also de.
  • Westernmost Ripuarian has no case distinction whatsoever. Only nominative forms are relevant for these dialects.



 n (masculine & feminine dänn)

  1. (demonstrative) that
    immediately; lit. ’with the same’
    Då båne få de lek he vill, sä grin-e int
    When the child gets the toy it wants, it cries not
    likästä ji vait
    The best I know