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Inherited from Middle French delai, from Old French delai, delaie (delay), from delaiier, delayer, deslaier (to put off, delay, offlet, drain) (délayer in modern French), from des- + laiier (to leave), partly from Frankish *lattjan (to delay, hinder), from Proto-Germanic *latjaną (to delay, hinder, stall), from Proto-Indo-European *leh₁d- (to leave, leave behind), and partly from Frankish *laibijan (to leave), from Proto-Germanic *laibijaną (to leave, cause to stay), from Proto-Indo-European *leyp- (to remain, continue).

Akin to Old English latian (to delay, hesitate), Old English lǣfan (to leave). More at delay.


  • IPA(key): /de.lɛ/
  • (file)


délai m (plural délais)

  1. time limit
    il faut le faire dans un délai de trois semaines
    it must be done within three weeks
    délai fixe
    fixed time limit
    le délai a écoulé
    time has run out
  2. extension (extra time to complete a task)

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