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Leet spelling of dood, itself from dude.


d00d (plural d00ds or d00dz)

  1. (Internet slang, leetspeak) Alternative spelling of dude
    • 1996, Eric S Raymond, The new hacker's dictionary
      As 'Ozone Pilot', one former warez d00d, wrote: Warez d00dz get illegal copies of copyrighted software.
    • 2004, Jay Beale, Andrew R Baker, Brian Caswell, Mike Poor, Snort 2.1 intrusion detection
      When he arrived at work that morning, it was to face an angry Web development team whose beautiful and elegantly designed index page had been replaced with the crude legend, "Y0U H4\/E B33N 0WN3D BY AG3NT D3L3T3! l@m3 security, d00d.