da la muie

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da (to give) +‎ la (to, at) +‎ muie (mouth, blowjob). Roughly "to give to the mouth".


a da la muie (third-person singular present dă la muie, past participle dat la muie1st conj.

  1. (vulgar, slang) to receive a blowjob (fellatio)
    Vreau să-i dau la muie.
    I want him/her to suck my dick.
    I-am dat-o lui Ion la muie.
    I got a blowjob from Ion (I gave it to Ion in the mouth)

Usage notes

  • A particularly vulgar expression. Depending on one's tone, it can be used in a degrading manner.
  • Note that the meaning of this expression is reversed from "to give a blowjob" in English.


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