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A pink and traditionally green dammsugare. (2)



From damm (dust) +‎ suga (to suck) +‎ -are (-er). Calque of German Staubsauger. Attested since 1906 according to SO.

The pastry sense refers to its appearance and to the supposed practice of the pastry baker collecting crumbs and cutoffs from the day for filling. Attested at least since 1990 according to SO.



dammsugare c

  1. vacuum cleaner
    Hypernym: städmaskin (cleaning machine)
    • 1903 June 22, “Ingen mattpiskning [No carpet whipping]”, in Nerikes Allehanda[1]:
      Där har nu införts en amerikansk uppfinning, en dammsugare, som man för öfver mattorna och som då genom en slang suger till sig allt damm.
      An American invention has now been introduced there, a vacuum cleaner, which is passed over the carpets and which then sucks up all the dust through a hose.
  2. a punsch-roll; a kind of pastry filled with cake crumbs, butter, and cocoa, flavoured with punsch liqueur, covered in marzipan and with ends coated in chocolate
    Synonyms: punschrulle, arraksrulle, trådrulle, (jocular) 150-ohmare


Declension of dammsugare 
Singular Plural
Indefinite Definite Indefinite Definite
Nominative dammsugare dammsugaren dammsugare dammsugarna
Genitive dammsugares dammsugarens dammsugares dammsugarnas

Derived terms