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Alternative forms[edit]


Borrowed from German Marzipan, from Italian marzapane, Venetian marzapane. Believed to be, with influence from pane (bread), derived from Arabic مَرْطَبَان (marṭabān, spice box) which comes from the name of a Burmese port known for its spice exports, Martaban, now called in Burmese မုတ္ထမ (



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fruit-shaped marzipan at a market in Florence, Italy

marzipan (usually uncountable, plural marzipans)

  1. A confection made from a paste of almonds, sugar and egg white as a binder.
  2. A similar confection made using another nut, such as peanut or hazelnut.
    • 2009, Hamlyn All Colour Cookery: 200 Christmas Recipes: Hamlyn All Colour Cookbook, (Please provide the book title or journal name), Hamlyn, →ISBN:
      Place the hazelnuts on a baking sheet and grill [] then grind finely [] then add the caster sugar and ground hazelnuts [to egg whites] and mix to a stiff marzipan paste. Sandwich the pecan nuts together in pairs with a little of the hazelnut marzipan.
    • 2015, The Oxford Companion to Sugar and Sweets, Oxford University Press, →ISBN, page 433:
      Hazelnut marzipan. Hazelnuts are used as an alternative to almonds, ground together in a proportion from 11⁄2 to 2 parts nuts to sugar. Almonds may be mixed in according to taste.
    • 2019, Lagusta Yearwood, Sweet + Salty: The Art of Vegan Chocolates, Truffles, Caramels, and More from Lagusta's Luscious, Da Capo Lifelong Books, →ISBN:
      [] cookie mini pack, watermelon Bubble Yum or, my favorite, de la Rosa, a peanut marzipan round packaged in a cellophane wrapper with a delicate rose printed on it. De la Rosa is a perfect confection. Just crumbly enough, just sweet enough  []
    • 2020, Amy C. Evans, Martha Hall Foose, A Good Meal Is Hard to Find: Storied Recipes from Deep South, Chronicle Books, →ISBN, page 87:
      To make the filling: In a food processor, blend the peanut butter, powdered sugar, salt, and cayenne together. [] THE FILLING RECIPE IS ALSO awfully close to that of peanut marzipan, which you can make yourself by adding more powdered sugar to create a sturdier, shape-able “dough,” or just look for the de la Rosa brand at your local Latino grocery.
  3. (countable) A piece of such a confection.
    • 2002, Lance Olsen, Girl Imagined by Chance, University of Alabama Press, →ISBN, page 81:
      One afternoon not long afterwards you waited byher bedside as she swam through anesthetic. A box of cherry chocolates and a dozen roses in your lap. Cherry chocolates and chocolate-covered marzipans. Then you drove her home. Chocolate-covered marzipans being her favorite.
    • 2016, Rosanna Chiofalo, Rosalia's Bittersweet Pastry Shop, Kensington Books, →ISBN:
      In one hand she held a handkerchief, and in the other she held two cherry-shaped marzipans. Rosalia smiled when she saw the marzipans and took them and the handkerchief from Madre Carmela.

Coordinate terms[edit]

Derived terms[edit]



marzipan (third-person singular simple present marzipans, present participle marzipanning, simple past and past participle marzipanned)

  1. (transitive) To cover with marzipan.
    a marzipanned cake