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PIE root

From French Florence, from Latin Flōrentia ( as a given name, a feminine form of Flōrentius), from flōrens ‎(flowering, flourishing).

The female given name gained popularity from Florence Nightingale who was born in the Tuscan city.


Proper noun[edit]

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  1. A province of Tuscany, Italy.
  2. The capital city of the province Florence.
  3. The capital city of the Department of Caquetá, Colombia.
  4. A female given name
  5. A city in Alabama.
  6. A city in Kentucky.
  7. A town in Mississippi.
  8. A city in South Carolina.

Derived terms[edit]


  • 1840 William Gilmore Simms, Border Beagles: A Tale of Mississippi, Donohue, Henneberry, 1890, page 398
    It is a sweet name, Florence, but not as sweet as herself. But you shall see her with you own eyes.
  • 2006 Sophie Hannah, Little Face, Soho, 2007, ISBN 1569474680, page 3
    I am glad that I chose the name Florence for my daughter, a real name with a history, rather than something that sounds as if it has been made up by a fifteen-year-old pop star's marketing team.



Florence ‎(plural Florences)

  1. (historical) An ancient gold coin of the time of Edward III, coined by Florentines and worth six shillings sterling.
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  2. (historical) A kind of cloth.
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Proper noun[edit]

Florence f

  1. Florence (province)
  2. Florence (city)
  3. A female given name, feminine form of the saint's name Florent.

Derived terms[edit]