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Equivalent to dear +‎ -ling. More at darling.


dearling (plural dearlings)

  1. Alternative form of darling
    • 1885: 'Twas not satiety bade me leave the dearling of my soul, / But that she sinned a mortal sin which clips me in its clip — Sir Richard Burton, The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night, Night 18
    • 2006, Kate Forsyth, The Shining City:
      “I dinna ken, dearling,” he said huskily. “I wish . . . och, how I wish . ... “It shouldna be long, dearling.”
    • 2010, Sandra Hill, The Last Viking:
      “Whate'er you say, dearling.” Despite her insults, Geirolf could see the love glowing in her face and he was encouraged.