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From death +‎ -less.


deathless (comparative more deathless, superlative most deathless)

  1. undying or immortal
    • 2005, Tony Magistrale, Abject Terrors: Surveying the Modern and Postmodern Horror Film:
      Like the deathless vampire who must repeat its stalk-and-kill cycle in order to satisfy a recurring blood hunger, the earliest film horrors cannibalized its literary ancestry again and again.
  2. Of a work of art, literature, etc., guaranteed not to be lost or forgotten due to its importance or conspicuous excellence.
    Her novels are filled with unforgettable characters and deathless prose.
    • 1912, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, The Lost World[1]:
      "We cannot do less than call it Ixodes Maloni. The very small inconvenience of being bitten, my young friend, cannot, I am sure, weigh with you as against the glorious privilege of having your name inscribed in the deathless roll of zoology."

Derived terms[edit]