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Formed in parallel to triplet, quadruplet, and quintuplet from deca- ‎(ten)


decaplet ‎(plural decaplets)

  1. One of a group of ten babies born at the same time.
    • 1956, Peter Fleming, My Aunt's Rhinoceros, and Other Reflections [1], page 78,
      "Medical opinion is that reported instances of multiple [human] births in excess of seven must be looked on with great suspicion," they write sternly; yet they do not deny us a somehow tantalizing glimpse of Ann Birch who, in 1781, is alleged to have produced decaplets of whom one girl survived to marry a Mr. Platt of Leeds.
    • 1989 July 30, "For the Record"[2], Chicago Sun-Times, page 4,
      There have been three cases reported of decaplets - multiple births of 10 children.
    • 2001 August 6, flaming cat, “Happy Birthday to no one!”,[3],
    Our own lovely Erica gave birth to decaplets today, after God came down on a cloud and poked her with the Holy Turkey Baster.
  2. (physics) A collection of spin-3/2 baryons described in the eightfold way.
  3. (music) A group of ten equal notes played in place of four or eight.


  • (physics: collection of baryons): decuplet
  • (music: group of ten notes): decuplet