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de- +‎ crunch


decrunch (third-person singular simple present decrunches, present participle decrunching, simple past and past participle decrunched)

  1. (transitive, intransitive, computing) To decompress (data) previously compressed by crunching.
    • 1993, The New York Times Book Review (volume 98, page 2)
      Several phone calls and a borrowed Mac later, I found that the single disk sent me wouldn't in any case decrunch (uncompress its data) without a sister disk — which had gone astray across the Atlantic. Such hitches are always irritating []
    • 1996, "Marcus Alanen", Re: Exe Crunchers (on newsgroup comp.sys.amiga.programmer)
      The executable is still decrunched in memory, so it will _use_ some extra memory but _save_ disk space.
    • 1998, Sandra Martz, ‎Shirley Coe, Generation to generation (page 123)
      Dear Dr. Destiny, my dictionary on CD-ROM won't decrunch, what do you recommend?