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de- +‎ gunk +‎ -ify


degunkify (third-person singular simple present degunkifies, present participle degunkifying, simple past and past participle degunkified)

  1. (slang, humorous) To remove a blockage of dirt or grime from.
    • 2007, Chuck Gloman & Rob Napoli, Scenic Design and Lighting Techniques: A Basic Guide for Theatre, Focal Press (2007), ↑ISBN, page 291:
      An aluminum window screen (nonrusting) placed at the bottom of your paint sink makes it easy to degunkify your sink.
    • 2009, Jenny Jones, So Not Happening, Thomas Nelson (2009), ↑ISBN, page 112:
      Even though I spent half the night in the shower to degunkify.
    • 2009, Andy Rathbone, Windows 7 For Dummies, Wiley Publishing, Inc. (2009), ↑ISBN, page 244:
      If your mouse pointer jumps around on-screen or doesn't move at all, your mouse is probably clogged with desktop gunk. Follow these steps to degunkify it: []

Derived terms[edit]