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Dirt (soil).

Alternative forms[edit]


From Middle English drit (excrement), probably from Old Norse drit (excrement), from Proto-Germanic *dritą, *dritō (excrement), from Proto-Indo-European *dʰreyd-, *treydʰ- (to have diarrhea). Cognate with Norwegian dritt (excrement), Icelandic drit (bird excrement), Dutch drijten (to defecate), drits (dirt, mud, filth) and dreet (excrement), Low German drieten (to defecate), Driet (shit), regional German Driss (shit), Old English ġedrītan (to defecate), Albanian ndyrë (dirty, filthy).



dirt (usually uncountable, plural dirts)

  1. Soil or earth.
  2. A stain or spot (on clothes etc); any foreign substance that worsens appearance.
  3. Previously unknown facts, or the invented "facts", about a person; gossip
    The reporter uncovered the dirt on the businessman by going undercover.
  4. (figuratively) Meanness; sordidness.
    • Melmoth
      honours [] thrown away upon dirt and infamy
  5. (mining) In placer mining, earth, gravel, etc., before washing.

Derived terms[edit]



dirt (third-person singular simple present dirts, present participle dirting, simple past and past participle dirted)

  1. (transitive, rare) To make foul or filthy; soil; befoul; dirty