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Alteration of godforsaken, with deity.


deityforsaken (not generally comparable, comparative more deityforsaken, superlative most deityforsaken)

  1. (rare, humorous) godforsaken; particularly bad or terrible.
    • 1993, "John Veneruso", DTW (on newsgroup
      (Please, don't be so serious...Seriousness impairs our ability to have the little fun that we can still experience on this deityforsaken orb)
    • 1994, "", Red Dwarf Anyone??? (on newsgroup
      I shouldn't be burbling about in these deityforsaken newsgroups but here I am, a big fan of the most AWESOME SCI-FI COMEDY ever.
    • 2003, "Malc", Normal service has been resumed (on newsgroup uk.rec.sheds)
      After a week of early shifts which means rising at the deityforsaken hour of 5:45 I finally feel human again.