deliver the message to Garcia

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Alternative forms[edit]


Paraphrase from an 1899 essay, "A Message to Garcia", concerning Calixto García



deliver the message to Garcia (third-person singular simple present delivers the message to Garcia, present participle delivering the message to Garcia, simple past and past participle delivered the message to Garcia)

  1. (intransitive) Alternative form of carry the message to Garcia
    • 1902, Albert Brown Chandler, "The Telegraph Expert", in Edward Everett Hale, ed., Modern Achievement, The University Society, page 264,
      • ...grasp the demands and exactions of business life. He learns that the main thing to do is to "deliver the message to Garcia"....
    • 1995, Alberto C Moreira, from, "Re: Teaching H.S. Math #3", sci.math,, Usenet
      • What we need is people who get the job done, no matter how. We don't want pickers who'll only learn if we use their preferred learning method. Have you read "A Message to Garcia" ? That's what we need today - young people who can deliver the message to Garcia.
    • 2002 June 11, Edward G. Nilges, from, "Re: Professional Ethics (was Re: The Data Quality Act)", comp.programming, Usenet,
      • Programmers are consistently dehumanized because so many do indeed deliver the message to Garcia only to be at best ignored.
    • 2004, Pat Rahmann, First Reveille, Trafford Publishing, page 13,
      • ...heaves in a deep breath, gathers himself as though he's crossed a continent to deliver the message to Garcia.