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de- +‎ manufacture


demanufacture (uncountable)

  1. A process of recycling that involves the dismantling and/or disassembly of an item to gain the maximum amount of recyclable materials.
    The Parties define the life cycle of electronic equipment broadly to include acquisition, design, manufacture, assembly, distribution, use, reuse, demanufacture, and recycling. (from the "Promoting Sustainable Environmental Stewardship of Federal Electronic Assets" PDF signed 11-15-2004)
    • 1952, Federal supply management (Air Force supply--Munitions Board): hearings, page 457:
      ... other demand documents, and clerical procedures required in effecting the manufacture or demanufacture of field units as directed by higher authority.
    • 1998, Jian Dong, Rapid response manufacturing: contemporary methodologies, tools and technologies, page 161:
      This problem was selected because it is a practical example of the types of system that are excellent candidates for demanufacture.

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demanufacture (third-person singular simple present demanufactures, present participle demanufacturing, simple past and past participle demanufactured)

  1. To recycle material using this process
    • 2007, Myer Kutz, Environmentally Conscious Materials and Chemicals Processing, page 161:
      An RPS is a network of transportation logistics and processing functions that collect, recycle, refurbish, and demanufacture end-of-life products.

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