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demo reel (plural demo reels)

  1. A brief portfolio of recorded media intended to showcase an artist's work.
    Frank had created a demo reel on DVD that he could send along with his résumé for job interviews.
    • 2000, Isaac V. Kerlow, The Art of 3-D : Computer Animation and Imaging, 2nd Edition [1]
      The second most important that your portfolio or demo reel contains the types of items that the potential employer is interested in seeing.
    • 2004, Craig Wroe, An Actor Prepares to Work in New York City: How to Master the Business of "The Business" [2]
      A demo reel is a VHS or DVD copy of snippets of the best moments of an actor's work...
    • 2010, Geoffrey Kater, Design First for 3D Artists [3] animation director at a very large studio told me that if he's not interested within the first five seconds, then he tosses the demo reel.