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demoscene (plural demoscenes)

  1. (computing) The informal computer art subculture that produces and watches demos (audiovisual computer programs).
    • 2005, Chris Gehman, Steve Reinke, The sharpest point: animation at the end of cinema
      Demoscene is an extremely arcane subculture characterized by endlessly clashing perspectives, trends, and technological innovations.
    • 2006, Karen Hellekson, Kristina Busse, Fan fiction and fan communities in the age of the Internet: new essays
      Casual computer users could not create these texts; in fact, the driving force behind most of the hacker teams in the demoscene was the prospect of creating a demo that exceeded the abilities of all other hackers...
    • 2009, John Impagliazzo, Timo Järvi, Petri Paju, History of Nordic Computing 2
      The demoscene is chiefly a European community that originates from the mid-1980s and continues to exist even today.

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