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de- +‎ shopper


deshopper (plural deshoppers)

  1. (chiefly Britain, social sciences) A person who practises deshopping.
    • 1999, Ruth A. Schmidt et al., “Deshopping – the art of illicit consumption”, in International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management, DOI:10.1108/09590559910288569:
      The deshopper is “stealing beauty” and robbing the product of some of its undetectable essence, without losing the quality of newness which is required for the product to remain returnable.
    • 2004, December 8, Deshoppers Make Returns[1]:
      They are the deshoppers - a scam that has cost stores £63million this year.
    • 2006, Tamira King & Charles Dennis, “Unethical consumers: Deshopping behaviour using the qualitative analysis of theory of planned behaviour and accompanied (de)shopping”, in Qualitative Market Research, DOI:10.1108/13522750610671699:
      [] there is almost no actual control over the behaviour as none of the deshoppers interviewed had ever been caught.

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