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detection ‎(plural detections)

  1. The act of detecting or sensing something; discovering something that was hidden or disguised.
    • 1898, Winston Churchill, chapter 1, The Celebrity:
      In the old days, to my commonplace and unobserving mind, he gave no evidences of genius whatsoever. He never read me any of his manuscripts, […], and therefore my lack of detection of his promise may in some degree be pardoned.
    • 1931, Francis Beeding, chapter 10/6, Death Walks in Eastrepps[1]:
      “Why should Eldridge commit murder? [] There was only one possible motive—namely, he wished to avoid detection as James Selby of Anaconda Ltd. []
  2. The finding out of a constituent, a signal, an agent or the like, mostly by means of a specific device or method.