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devon (plural devons)

  1. (Australia, Eastern Australia) A type of processed meat sausage.
    • 1995, The Bulletin, Issues 5953-5959, page 23,
      Initial suspicions pointed at both food and water, narrowing down after a while to fritz (devon, as it is known in some states), a popular, bland, processed meat.
    • 2008, H. G. Nelson, Sprays: A Collection of Verbal Touch-Ups, page 216,
      Elsewhere the Roy Slaven signature range of smallgoods – marketed with the shout-out line, ‘Roy: still doing things with meat butchers only dream of!’ − has captured the imagination of an increasingly time-poor community looking for top-shelf short cuts in cuisine solutions. When I last looked, Roy had personally signed nearly 5.9 million salamis, chorizos and devon logs this year.
    • 2009, Helen Greenwood, John Newton, Sydney 2010: More Than 450 Butchers, Bakers, Food Stores and Chocolate Makers, unnumbered page,
      One of our firm favourites both for the quality and the taste of Ricky Roessler′s smallgoods – and the sheer joy of shopping here. No devon or pastrami, though, just plenty of bratwurst: [] .




devon m

  1. Devonian (geological period)

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  1. accusative singular of devo