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Diamond ring during a solar eclipse


diamond ring (plural diamond rings)

  1. Used other than with a figurative or idiomatic meaning: see diamond,‎ ring.
    • 1907, Recreation, National Recreation Association, page 545:
      If that mocking bird don’t[sic] sing // Daddy’s going to buy me a diamond ring. // If that diamond ring don’t[sic] shine // Daddy’s going to buy me a bottle of wine.
  2. By extension, an engagement ring, usually one given by a man to a woman.
    • 1923, Peter Bernard Kyne, Never the Twain Shall Meet, page 19:
      If it were not a tradition that a woman shall accept from her fiance a diamond ring which the idiot cannot, in all probability, afford to give her — well, women would not accept them.
    • 2006, Mary Slonaker, The Vinton House, page 37:
      “Delvin, a diamond ring means you are engaged to be married. I barely know you.”
    • 2010, Juliet Blackwell, If Walls Could Talk: A Haunted Home Renovation Mystery:
      He frowned slightly, whether at the loss of a potential sale or the unnaturalness of a single woman standing beside a handsome man and not lusting after a diamond ring I couldn't be sure.
  3. (astronomy) An optical phenomenon visible during a moment of a solar eclipse when only a tiny part of the sun is not obscured by the moon, shining like a diamond in the ring of the sun’s corona.


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