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From Ancient Greek διαπειραίνω (diapeiraínō, to pierce through).



diapir (plural diapirs)

  1. (geology) An intrusion of a ductile rock into an overburden.
    • 1989, Nigel Henbest, "Geologists hit back at impact theory of extinctions", New Scientist, 29 April 1989:
      "If a diapir is outside an established plume it rises at a much slower rate," Loper says.
    • 1994, Peter Olson, "Mechanics of Flood Basalt Magmatism", in Magmatic Systems (ed. Michael P. Ryan), Academic Press (1994), →ISBN, page 12:
      This final stage is characterized by the cooling and resolidification of the partially molten diapir within the mantle, slow subsidence at the surface, and greatly diminished rates of crustal addition.
    • 2004, Richard Fortey, The Earth: An Intimate History, HarperCollins (2010), →ISBN, unnumbered page:
      Deeply buried deposits of sea-salt dome upwards and pass through the overlying strata, as a kind of intrusive lobe, eventually emerging at the surface – the rising tongue is called a diapir.

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