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From dia- +‎ -scope.


diascope (plural diascopes)

  1. A projector used for projecting transparencies.
    • 1982, International Broadcast Engineer: IBE. - Volumes 181-196[1]:
      The diascope test pattern reference for automatic setup is a transparency (Figure 3), built into all TK47B lenses.
    • 2004, M. Vanaja, Methods Of Teaching Physics[2], →ISBN, page 90:
      When it is used to project a slide then at serves as a diascope.
    • 2010, Elizabeth A. Martin, A Dictionary of Science[3], →ISBN, page 663:
      The diascope passes light through the two-dimensional object (such as a photographic transparency, slide, or film) and uses a converging projection lens to form an enlarged image on a distant screen.
  2. (medicine) A flat piece of glass or transparent plastic, used to examine lesions in the skin
    • 1898, “Cutaneous Tuberculosis by Auto-infection”, in Indiana Medical Journal[4]:
      The diascope (a flat piece of glass) was used to press out the blood and expose the apple-jelly points of marginal growth.