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dibens m (1st declension)

  1. bottom, lower part, base
    pudeles dibensbottom of the bottle
    laivas dibensbottom of the boat
    notīrīt katla dibenu — to clean the bottom of the boiler
  2. bottom (lower internal part, especially of a container, or its contents)
    maisa dibenā vēl ir milti — there is still flour at the bottom of the sack
    nogrimt dibenā — to sink to the bottom
    izdzert glāzi līdz dibenam — to drink a glass to the bottom
  3. bottom, lower part (of bodies of water, holes, etc.)
    jūras, upes dibens — the bottom of the sea, of the river
    dīķī ūdens sasalis līdz dibenam — the water in the pond froze to the bottom
  4. back (the deepest or farthest part of a space, a room, etc.)
    istabas dibens — the back of the room
    skatuves dibens — the back of the stage, backstage
  5. (anatomy) behind, bottom (rear lower part of the human body)
    uzdot bērnam pa dibenu — to hit, spank a child on his behind