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dick +‎ ass



dickass (plural dickasses)

  1. (Canada, US, vulgar) A contemptible person.
    • 1995, Craig Brown, The Private Eye: Craig Brown Parodies:
      What kind of a dickass line is this: "Jeez, I, like, slopped coffee over my blouse"?
  2. (Durham, obsolete) An ass (donkey), a jackass, especially a male ass.
    • 1842, Moses Aaron Richardson, The Local Historian's Table Book:
      It [the Picktree brag] came also like a galloway, but more often like a coach horse, and went trotting along the “lonin, afore folks, settin up a great nicker and a whinney every now and then;" and it came frequently like a “dickass,” and it always stopped at the pond [...]