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Alternative forms[edit]


dick +‎ brain


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dickbrain (plural dickbrains)

  1. (vulgar, slang, derogatory) A contemptible person, or moron.
    • 1977, Don Bredes, Don Bredes, Hard Feelings
      He said, "You dickbrain. It wasn't me that killed your dog."
    • 1988, Students Literary Association (University of California, Santa Barbara), University of California, Santa Barbara. Associated Students, University of California, Santa Barbara. Office of Public Information, Spectrum, Volume 30
      Don't be such a dickbrain.
    • 2003, Leslie Glass, Over His Dead Body[1]:
      But with that dickbrain functionary Schwab breathing down her neck, she was afraid to put the money in her own account just in case she really needed it.
    • 2003, Matthew Sharpe, The sleeping father: a novel, page 277:
      "That he doesn't turn into a soft pussy dickbrain like yourself."
    • 2009, Jonathan Kellerman, Bones: An Alex Delaware Novel, page 413
      “Now you're a dickbrain dumbie, too?” Silence.