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Alternative forms[edit]


Fanciful extension of another lexical item, possibly hot dog (interjection)[1] or dig +‎ -ety, a suffix used to extend monosyllabic words.[2] Compare African American Vernacular English dig. Attested since the end of the nineteenth century.


  • IPA(key): /ˈdɪɡəti/, [ˈdɪɡəɾi]


diggety (comparative more diggety, superlative most diggety)

  1. (informal) A general intensifier.
    • 1947, William Edward Wilson, Cresent City, page 102:
      Goddam!” he yelled. “God diggety damn!” and “Whoopee!” and “I'll murder you! I'll murder you both!” and “Goddamn two-bit whore!”
    • 2009 March 3, Eclipse-of-42, “Of Glitz and Fury, Ch. 4”, in Deviant Art[1]:
      I love Grubba! He's like the most diggety dang DY-NO-MITE character in his game.
  2. (informal, humorous) Used to extend the form of the verb dig.
    • 1998, Nancy Van Laan, With a Whoop and a Holler: A Bushel of Lore from Way Down South, page 34:
      When he sees that ol’ tiger movin’ closer, Brer Rabbit does what Brer Rabbit does best. He grabs a spade and a-diggety-dig-a-diggin’ he goes, as fast as all get out.
    • 1995, Stephen Schwartz (lyrics), Alan Menken (music), “Mine, Mine, Mine”, in Pocahontas (soundtrack), performed by David Ogden Stiers and Mel Gibson:
      Dig and dig and dig and diggety / Dig and dig and dig and diggety-dig



  1. (informal) Used to express excitement, surprise, or similar strong emotion.
    hot diggety dog
    • 1937, Jerome Bahr, All Good Americans, page 109:
      He stared speechless at the booing stands for a moment and then, instead of slinking away, threw his bat into the air and shouted: “Hot Dawg! Diggety diggety dam! Baby cut your toenails;”
  2. (uncommon, informal) Imitative of rapid movement or commotion.
    • 2015, Ellen Wright, “‘Do you want mustard?’ ‘Yup!’”, in Charles Wolfe and James Akenson, editors, The Women of Country Music, page 35-36:
      [We] decided we was gonna run around in a circle by Pop’s chair. We'd go diggety, diggety, diggety, yerr. Go as close to him as we could possibly get.



diggety (uncountable)

  1. Alternative spelling of diggity


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