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Alternative forms[edit]


see ding (v.)


dinged-up (comparative more dinged-up, superlative most dinged-up)

  1. battered, dented by blows, injured
    • 2008, Shadow Hawk, by Jill Shalvis, page 54
      “Besides the possible concussion, I'm going to guess at least two dinged-up ribs—” She paused, probing, while he did his best not to lose his dignity and throw up on her very clean, white athletic shoes.
    • 2011, The Beautiful Mistake, by Steve Zingerman, page 1
      You have a concussion and are more use to the Navy with a working brain than without, plus you're 'bout as dinged up as that ship is. Look at your shoulder.”
    • 2012, New York Times, 31st of July, by Adam Davidson
      "The Dinged-Up, Broken-Down, Fender-Bended Economic Recovery Plan" (the name of the article)