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disk +‎ -ery


diskery (plural diskeries)

  1. (dated, music) A phonograph-record manufacturer; a shop that sells phonograph records.
    • 1950 October 28, “Diskers, AFRA Puzzle Singer Jurisdictions”, in Billboard, page 13:
      An upcoming problem to be thrashed out at a meeting of diskery reps and execs of the American Federation of Radio Artists (AFRA), is the degree of AFRA's jurisdictional claim over singers on records. AFRA has claimed the jurisdiction generally, and for some months has been having exploratory talks with diskeries.
    • 1957 December 30, Ren Grevatt, “Concensus Tabs Stereo Disk Still in Research Stage: Diskery and Phono Toppers Sound Tempering Notes of Caution”, in Billboard, page 11:
      This week, diskery and phono manufacturer spokesmen sounded tempering notes of caution as they discussed the many problems still to be licked in developing truly compatible stereo with fidelity standards equal to those now available in monaural disks.

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