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dis- +‎ recommend.



disrecommend (third-person singular simple present disrecommends, present participle disrecommending, simple past and past participle disrecommended)

  1. (transitive) To recommend the opposite or negation of; to advise against.
    Antonyms: endorse, recommend, support
    • 1749, Joakim Philander [pseudonym; Friedrich Christian Schoenau], “The Adventure of the Inn”, in Vitulus Aureus: The Golden Calf. Or, A Supplement to Apuleius’s Golden Ass. [], London: Printed for T. Cooper, [], →OCLC, page 119:
      [P]ut the Caſe that the Nobleman of the ancienter Family does not indeed diſgrace his Dignity, but adds nothing to it; having nothing extraordinary to recommend him or diſrecommend him: Whereas the other, by his perſonal Merit, has rais'd himſelf to an equal Dignity. Which of the two in this Suppoſition deſerves the greater Eſteem?
    • 1851 April 17, “Bombay. Miscellaneous.”, in The Indian News, and Chronicle of Eastern Affairs, number 212, London: Printed by Alexander Elder Murray, [], published 17 June 1851, →OCLC, page 275, column 2:
      The female schools established for the wives and daughters of Parsees, Hindoos, and other natives of Bombay, have excited the attention of Lord Falkland [the Governor of Bombay] and Sir [Thomas] Erskine Perry, the chief justice, both of whom, accompanied by Professor Henry Green, paid them a visit; the result was that an attempt to find space for a permanent school-room in one of the ravelins of the fortifications was made, but the chief engineer thought it his duty to disrecommend this proposal, and it was accordingly abandoned. [From the Bombay Times.]
    • 1972, Kingsley Amis, “Actual Drinks”, in On Drink, London: Jonathan Cape, →ISBN; reprinted in Everyday Drinking: The Distilled Kingsley Amis, New York, N.Y.: Bloomsbury, 2008, →ISBN, page 33:
      You will find it [a Bloody Mary made with tequila] a splendid pick-me-up, and throw-me-down, and jump-on-me. Strongly disrecommended for mornings after.
    • 2004, P. Obreiter, “A Case for Evidence-aware Distributed Reputation Systems”, in Christian Jensen, Stefan Polsad, Theo Dimitrakos, editors, Trust Management: Second International Conference, iTrust 2004, Oxford, UK, March 29 – April 1, 2004: Proceedings, Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer Verlag, →ISBN, →ISSN, section 2.3 (Limitations of Plausibility Considerations), page 37:
      Take for example a transaction that is performed without any defection. A transaction peer may still defame the other one by disrecommending it to a third entity. [] Under certain circumstances, the defamed entity has to pro-actively defend itself by disrecommending the defamer.
    • 2012, T[aurus] Manning, “2007 [chapter title]”, in Larvatus Prodeo: The Interview, 2nd edition, [Bloomington, Ind.]: Xlibris, →ISBN, page 47:
      But then there is the other factor of the pharma industry's irresposibility exemplified in the following recent example: A drug hurriedly licensed for utilization—off recommendation—for breast cancer that, in further review, is found not to be useful in breast cancer but, on the contrary, presenting unacceptably high risks; but when the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) disrecommends it, the company, instead of voluntarily removing it from such recommendation, sues against the decision only because of the high profitability for the company.

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