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divide +‎ -able


dividable (comparative more dividable, superlative most dividable)

  1. Capable of being divided (into fractions or parts).
    a dividable plant; a dividable lot; dividable property
    • 1674, Seth Ward, “An Apology for the Mysteries of the Gospel” in Seven Sermons, London: James Collins, p. 14,[1]
      The whole Gospel is generally dividable into 1. Historical Narrations. 2. Moral Institutions and Motives. 3. Dogmatical Mysteries.
    • 1683, Henry Care, The Darkness of Atheisme Expelled by the Light of Nature, London: D. Brown et al., Theorem 7, p. 9,[2]
      Infinite being is not dividable.
    • 1919, Lewis R. Freeman, Stories of the Ships, London: John Murray, “A Battleship at Sea,” pp. 119-120,[3]
      I was now able to observe that the sailors, marooned on the benches, tables, and other islands of refuge, were roughly dividable into three classes—the prostrate ones, who heaved drunkenly to the roll and took no notice of the primal chaos about them; the semi-prostrate ones, who were still able to exhibit mild resentment when the tidal wave engulfed or threatened to engulf them; and the others—some lounging easily, but the most perched or roosted on some dry but precarious pinnacle—who quaffed great mugs of hot tea and bit hungrily into hunks of bread and smoked fish.
  2. (obsolete) Capable of being separated (from something).
    • 1668, Margaret Cavendish, Ground of Natural Philosophy, London, Part 12, Chapter 17, p. 199,[4]
      Some sorts of hot Baths are as naturally Sulphureous, as the Sea-water is Salt: but, all those Effects of Minerals, Sulphurs, and the like, are dividable from, and also may be joyn’d to, the Body of water, without any disturbance to the nature of water;
  3. (obsolete) Divided; separated; parted.