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From English daughter.



  1. daughter



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  1. (intransitive) to be a man, to act like a man


Tone L
Infinitive ukudoda
Imperative Imperative
+ object prefix
Singular doda dode
Plural dodani dodeni
Present Participial Subjunctive
1st singular ngiyadoda, ngidoda ngidoda ngidode
2nd singular uyadoda, udoda udoda udode
1st plural siyadoda, sidoda sidoda sidode
2nd plural niyadoda, nidoda nidoda nidode
Class 1 uyadoda, udoda edoda adode
Class 2 bayadoda, badoda bedoda badode
Class 3 uyadoda, udoda udoda udode
Class 4 iyadoda, idoda idoda idode
Class 5 liyadoda, lidoda lidoda lidode
Class 6 ayadoda, adoda edoda adode
Class 7 siyadoda, sidoda sidoda sidode
Class 8 ziyadoda, zidoda zidoda zidode
Class 9 iyadoda, idoda idoda idode
Class 10 ziyadoda, zidoda zidoda zidode
Class 11 luyadoda, ludoda ludoda ludode
Class 14 buyadoda, budoda budoda budode
Class 15 kuyadoda, kudoda kudoda kudode
Class 17 kuyadoda, kudoda kudoda kudode
Recent past Recent past
1st singular ngidodile, ngidodē bengidoda
2nd singular udodile, udodē ubedoda
1st plural sidodile, sidodē sibedoda
2nd plural nidodile, nidodē nibedoda
Class 1 udodile, udodē ubedoda
Class 2 badodile, badodē bebedoda
Class 3 udodile, udodē bewudoda
Class 4 idodile, idodē beyidoda
Class 5 lidodile, lidodē belidoda
Class 6 adodile, adodē abedoda
Class 7 sidodile, sidodē besidoda
Class 8 zidodile, zidodē bezidoda
Class 9 idodile, idodē beyidoda
Class 10 zidodile, zidodē bezidoda
Class 11 ludodile, ludodē beludoda
Class 14 budodile, budodē bebudoda
Class 15 kudodile, kudodē bekudoda
Class 17 kudodile, kudodē bekudoda
Remote past Remote past
1st singular ngādoda ngangidoda
2nd singular wādoda wawudoda
1st plural sādoda sasidoda
2nd plural nādoda nanidoda
Class 1 wādoda wayedoda
Class 2 bādoda babedoda
Class 3 wādoda wawudoda
Class 4 yādoda yayidoda
Class 5 lādoda lalidoda
Class 6 ādoda ayedoda
Class 7 sādoda sasidoda
Class 8 zādoda zazidoda
Class 9 yādoda yayidoda
Class 10 zādoda zazidoda
Class 11 lwādoda lwaludoda
Class 14 bādoda babudoda
Class 15 kwādoda kwakudoda
Class 17 kwādoda kwakudoda
1st singular ngizododa
2nd singular uzododa
1st plural sizododa
2nd plural nizododa
Class 1 uzododa
Class 2 bazododa
Class 3 uzododa
Class 4 izododa
Class 5 lizododa
Class 6 azododa
Class 7 sizododa
Class 8 zizododa
Class 9 izododa
Class 10 zizododa
Class 11 luzododa
Class 14 buzododa
Class 15 kuzododa
Class 17 kuzododa

Derived terms[edit]