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Formed by regular alteration of dodecarch on the pattern of decarchy and other -archy terms (equivalent to the Ancient Greek -άρχης (-árkhēs)-αρχία (-arkhía) rule); compare the Modern Greek δωδεκαρχία (dodekarchía, unit of twelve men in the Greek army during 1828–9); equivalent to dodec- + -archy.


dodecarchy (countable and uncountable, plural dodecarchies)

  1. (uncountable) government by a group of twelve people
    • 1852, Barthold Georg Niebuhr & Marcus von Niebuhr, Lectures on Ancient History, p. 105.
      And this dodecarchy may have lasted much longer than is stated by Herodotus; the immense labyrinth on Lake Moeris, the building of which is ascribed to it, is a proof of this, or else we must deny that it was erected during the dodecarchy.
  2. (countable) such a group of twelve people