dog's breakfast

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dog's breakfast (plural dog's breakfasts)

  1. (UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, idiomatic) An unappealing mixture; a disorderly situation; a mess.
    Synonyms: pig's breakfast, hodgepodge, pig's ear, dog's dinner; see also Thesaurus:disorder, Thesaurus:hodgepodge
    • 1961 July 7, “Black Temper”, in Time[1], archived from the original on 2012-02-03:
      So complex was the scheme that neither blacks nor whites could say for certain who had won. "A dog's breakfast," cried Laborite M.P. James Callaghan. "I say frankly that I do not begin to understand it."
    • 2008 May 18, David Usborne, “The Gene Genie gets an LA makeover”, in The Independent[2], retrieved 9 June 2008:
      Critics here are reserving judgement on whether ABC will do "Life in Mars" justice or make a dog's breakfast of it.
    • 2010, Kate Jennings, “Bouleversé”, in Trouble: Evolution of a Radical/Selected Writings 1970–2010, page 277:
      I'd trade one of their sublime sentences for the entire crop of sprawling, show-offy novels – dog′s breakfasts of facetiousness – that are currently the literary vogue.