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From dolicho- +‎ cephalic, hence literally roughly “long-headed”.


dolichocephalic (comparative more dolichocephalic, superlative most dolichocephalic)

  1. (of a person or animal) Having a head that is long from front to back (relative to its width from left to right).



dolichocephalic (plural dolichocephalics)

  1. A dolichocephalic person.

Related terms[edit]


  • William H. Tucker, The Science and Politics of Racial Research,[1] University of Illinois Press (1996), →ISBN, page 23: Also a subject of extensive investigation was the cephalic index, a measurement of the general shape of the skull, defined as the ratio of its breadth to its length multiplied by one hundred to eliminate the decimal point. Ratios below seventy-five indicated skulls that were long and narrow, termed “dolichocephalic”; those between seventy-five and eighty, slightly broader or “mesocephalic”; and even rounder heads with ratios above eighty were called “brachycephalic.”