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Etymology 1[edit]


donger (plural dongers)

  1. (Britain, Africa, Australia, informal) penis
    • 1988 Alan Hollinghurst, The Swimming Pool Library, (Penguin Books, paperback edition, 18),
      [] And I had a lad in this morning with the most enormous donger.’
    • 2011, Bill Marsh, The ABC Book of Great Aussie Stories: For Young People, unnumbered page,
      My donger gets sucked right up inside this bloody hose. Hell it was painful.
      ‘Christ almighty,’ Sandy said. ‘Yer right. She′s a powerful pump alright.’

See Thesaurus:penis

Derived terms[edit]

Etymology 2[edit]

From donga (transportable cabin).


donger (plural dongers)

  1. (Australia) A donga (transportable cabin or tourist accommodation).
    • 2009, David Everett, Kingsley Flett, Shadow Warrior: From the SAS to Australia′s Most Wanted, unnumbered page,
      The first donger had one of its sliding windows open a crack, so I was able to get in there without leaving a sign.