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Etymology 1[edit]

Originally a product name, derived from Danish dyne /dyːnə/. Trademark owned by the Tontine Group.



doona (plural doonas)

  1. (Australia) A padded blanket.
    • 2002, Lisa Forrest, DJ Max, unnumnbered page,
      She got up, dragged the doona around her shoulders and tiptoed into the spare room.
    • 2005, Josephine Wilson, Cusp[1], page 211:
      Lena pulled the doona over her head.
    • 2011, Shannon Lush, Jennifer Fleming, Spotless: Room-by-Room Solutions to Domestic Disasters, unnumbered page,
      Doonas can be made of goose feathers, wool or synthetics. Wash them twice a year or even more if you sweat a lot. You can tell it′s time for a wash when the fibres are packed down and lumpy, or the doona smells.
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Etymology 2[edit]



  1. (Scotland) Do not.
    • 2005, Karen Marie Moning, Spell of the Highlander[2], page 122:
      “I doona ken how he found us,” he muttered darkly.
    • 2005, Harold Cheney, Jack of Tabbyshire, Jack of Tabbyshire and Other Grandfather Tales, page 9,
      “Are you talking to those cats again? Do you really think they listen? Do you really think they understand?”
      “I doona know, Grandma. And I doona care.”
    • 2007, Margo Maguire, A Warrior′s Taking[3], page 286:
      “Oh, and doona go near the ruins or the castle when I leave,” he said, picking up the book and heading for the door.