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Etymology 1[edit]

Originally a product name, derived from Danish dyne /dyːnə/. Trademark owned by the Tontine Group.



doona (plural doonas)

  1. (Australia) A padded blanket used as a cover in bed; a duvet.
    • 1983, Helen Garner, Yellow Notebook: Diaries Volume I, Text Publishing, published 2022, page 66:
      He had put the doona on sideways. My feet were sticking out.
    • 2005, Josephine Wilson, Cusp[1], page 211:
      Lena pulled the doona over her head.
    • 2011, Shannon Lush, Jennifer Fleming, Spotless: Room-by-Room Solutions to Domestic Disasters, unnumbered page:
      Doonas can be made of goose feathers, wool or synthetics. Wash them twice a year or even more if you sweat a lot. You can tell it′s time for a wash when the fibres are packed down and lumpy, or the doona smells.
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Etymology 2[edit]



  1. (Scotland) Contraction of do not.
    • 2005, Karen Marie Moning, Spell of the Highlander[2], page 122:
      “I doona ken how he found us,” he muttered darkly.
    • 2005, Harold Cheney, Jack of Tabbyshire: Jack of Tabbyshire and Other Grandfather Tales, page 9:
      “Are you talking to those cats again? Do you really think they listen? Do you really think they understand?”
      “I doona know, Grandma. And I doona care.”
    • 2007, Margo Maguire, A Warrior′s Taking[3], page 286:
      “Oh, and doona go near the ruins or the castle when I leave,” he said, picking up the book and heading for the door.