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Alternative forms[edit]


Coined by George Orwell (as doubleplusungood) in 1949 as part of the Newspeak in his novel Nineteen Eighty-Four.


double-plus-ungood (not comparable)

  1. Terrible, very bad.
    Antonym: double-plus-good
    • 1990 March 19, Jerry Pournelle, “Federal Expres Can Even Deliver the File Transfer Blues”, in InfoWorld[1], volume 12, number 12, InfoWorld Media Group, Inc., →ISSN, page 54:
      There's only one problem. Files converted from Word Perfect to Q&A format don't work with Q&A. Q&A thinks it has read in the file, but then the whole mess blows up. Ungood. Double plus ungood.
    • 2000 May 2, "[destroy]", “Re:You fucking bastards”, in[2] (Usenet):
      But no excuses for the idiots who did the Cenotaph, double plus ungood!!
    • 2009, Jon Loeliger, “Altering Commits”, in Version Control with Git[3], volume 2008, O'Reilly Media, Inc., →ISBN, page 162:
      In the former case, obtaining the current version from the object store appears to be a form of “reset” operation [...]. That is double-plus ungood Git thinking.¶ In the latter case, an earlier version of the file is pulled out of the object store and placed into your working directory. This has the appearance of being a “revert” operation on the file. That too is double-plus ungood Git thinking.
    • 2010 February, "The other Winston Smith", “Mozilla Metathought seems ++Ungood”, in[4] (Usenet):
      Summary: Mozilla Metathought seems ++Ungood