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Alternative forms[edit]


douche +‎ -y


douchey (comparative douchier, superlative douchiest)

  1. (slang, derogatory) Characteristic of a douche (jerk).
    • 2005, November 18, “Carl Williott”, in Dear Harvard, publicly enjoy yourself. Love, Yale.[1]:
      So I have compiled some tips to help Harvard students act less douchey when they are faced with foreign situations this weekend.
    • 2008, September 14, quoting Ed Helms, “Adam Sternbergh”, in The Jerk[2]:
      Helms describes Andy as “a yacht-clubby guy who’s a little douchey but still earnest.”
    • 2010, Rachel Cohn, Very LeFreak, Random House, ISBN 9780375857584, page 109 [3]:
      Very had to incite Lavinia to stop dropping that douchey "resumé" word already.