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From Mandarin 豆花 (dòuhuā).


douhua (uncountable)

  1. A Chinese dessert made with very soft tofu; tofu pudding.
    • 2002 January 10, Paul Mooney, “Pingyao: Walled city”, in Beijing Review, volume 45, number 2, page 34–35:
      One can find local vendors producing traditional products, ladling hot scoops of douhua, a yogurt-like bean curd, into large bowls, or baking salty flat breads inside a coal-heated drum.
    • 2008 March 30, Douglas McGray, “Last Days of Taipei”, in New York Times Magazine, page 132:
      Wandering, we dug into a pile of floury, handmade noodles, followed by pig's-blood cake covered with crushed peanuts and cilantro; fried buns stuffed with bitter greens; pungent soup with slivers of fresh ginger and whole pigs' feet; big hunks of melon, just in season; and heaping bowls of sweet, slippery douhua—chilled tofu pudding with azuki beans, mung beans and boiled peanuts.
    • 2016 April, Murekatete Nicole; Zhang Caimeng; Hategekimana Joseph; Karangwa Eric; Hua Yufei, “Soybean Oil Volume Fraction Effects on the Rheology Characteristics and Gelation Behavior of Glucono‐δ‐Lactone and Calcium Sulfate‐Induced Tofu Gels”, in Journal of Texture Studies, volume 47, number 2, page 112:
      Generally, tofu and douhua are made from soymilk by the addition of a coagulant.
    • 2017, Pei-ling Guo, Good Eye City Guide Taipei[1], page 127:
      Delicious douhua (soy bean curd) and soy milk located in Dongmen Market