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Alternative forms[edit]


down line (plural down lines)

  1. A railway line on which trains travel away from a major terminus.
    • 1857 Alan J Day, Verena Hoffman - The Annual Register of World Events
      The down line was cleared about midnight, or nine hours after the accident, but the up line was not in a state to admit of the traffic being resumed until one o'clock on the next day.
    • 1842 Francis Whishaw - The Railways of Great Britain and Ireland Practically Described and Illustrated
      The number of down-trains daily is fifty-one, and up-trains fifty; the ropes, therefore, travel 155.25 miles on the up-line, and 158.35 miles on the down-line, or altogether 313.60 miles daily.
  2. (travel, aviation) the next and subsequent flights in an itinerary.
    • If you miss a flight, the airline will likely cancel the down line.

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