drinking water

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drinking water (usually uncountable, plural drinking waters)

  1. Water that is suitable or intended for ingestion by humans.
    Synonym: potable water
    • 2001, Philip E. LaMoreaux, Springs and Bottled Waters of the World, →ISBN, page 166:
      One day a saint, wandering in the vicinity in search of drinking water, fainted. As he regained his senses, he could hear the trickle of water running from the Pot. He drank his fill and since then the spring has never gone dry.
    • 2013, James E. Brady, In the Maw of the Earth Monster: Mesoamerican Ritual Cave Use, →ISBN:
      It seems unlikely that the ancient Maya would have ventured into Actun Pech in search of drinking water when it could have been more easily and regularly procured from local wells. Rather, the water collected from Actun Pech and other caves discussed below, was likely valued for its remote and sacred origin.