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From drošs ‎(brave, safe, sure) +‎ -ība.


drošība f (4th declension)

  1. safety (situation, conditions in which one is not under threat, not in danger, not being disturbed)
    būt, atrasties drošībā — to be, find oneself in safety, to be safe
    drošībās dēļ — for the sake of safety, security
    transportlīdzekļu kustības drošība — vehicle traffic safety
    darba drošībās ziņā stiprs motorzāģa troksnis nav pieļaujams — in terms of work safety, the strong noise of the chainsaw is not permissible
  2. safety, security (protection against danger, uncertainties, failure, harm)
    drošības apvalkssafety, protective cover
    drošības tehnicasafety, protective equipment
    drošības naudasecurity money, deposit (in case something is damaged)
    drošības dienestssecurity service
    valsts drošība — national secuirty



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