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Compare German Druse ‎(crystallized piece of ore), and English dross.


druse ‎(plural druses or drusen)

  1. (mineralogy) An inner surface with a crust of tiny crystals.
    • 1889, Dana et al, A System of Mineralogy
      Occurs as a fine coating over the minerals in druses or cavities in the granite.
    • 1984, Science Reports of the Tohoku University
      A lot of druses are found in the vein, and euhedral crystals of quartz, marcasite and sphalerite are observed as druse minerals.
  2. (botany) An aggregation of calcium oxalate crystals found in certain plants.
  3. (ophthalmology) A tiny yellow or white accumulation of extracellular material that builds up in Bruch's membrane of the eye.



druse f

  1. plural of drusa