dumb fucker

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Alternative forms[edit]


From dumb +‎ fucker.


dumb fucker (plural dumb fuckers)

  1. (informal, vulgar, derogatory) A hated, contemptible, or stupid person.
    • 1996, Family Service America, Families International (Milwaukee, Wis.), Families in society: the journal of contemporary human services: Volume 77
      The names his par- called him included "stupid little shit," id, when he resisted his father's ices, "dumbfucker."
    • 2009, Kent Meyers, Twisted Tree[1], page 90:
      And right then the dumbfucker decides to wake up and look around.
    • year missing, Thomas Clarion, Behind the Glittering Lights of Bordellos and Brothels: Thailand Vol 2, page 213
      “You bloody dumbfucker, I paid for you and now you don't want to go?”