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From dystocia +‎ -al.


dystocial (not comparable)

  1. Of, pertaining to or characterised by dystocia; having had a difficult birth.
    • 1834, Michael Ryan (editor), The London Medical and Surgical Journal[1], volume IV, page 466:
      Both authors discuss the same points, but Dr. Kennedy extends his observations to obstetric auscultation in dystocial or difficult parturitions.
    • 1952, George Morris Piersol, John Henry Moyer, The Cyclopedia of Medicine, Surgery and Specialties, page 155,
      Again to point out the value of x-ray pelvimetry, only 42.5 per cent of the patients who were referred to the dystocial clinic because of clinically suspected contracted pelves had them according to the Mengert indices by x-ray.
    • 1987, M. Vermorel, Effects of climatic conditions on energy metabolism and performance of calves, M. W. A. Verstegen, A. M. Henken (editors), Energy Metabolism in Farm Animals: Effects of Housing, Stress, and Disease, page 184,
      By contrast, low-vitality calves, especially dystocial calves, are unable to withstand adverse climatic conditions.
    • 2000, Otto M. Radostits, Clive C. Gay, Douglas C. Blood, Kenneth W. Hinchcliff, Veterinary Medicine: A Textbook of the Diseases of Cattle, Sheep, Pigs, Goats and Horses, 9th Edition, page 131,
      However, there is a relationship between the occurrence of cold weather and calf deaths, including those due to the ‘weak calf syndrome’ and deficiencies in thermoregulation occur in animals born prematurely and in dystocial calves.