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Alternative forms[edit]


east +‎ side


eastside (plural eastsides)

  1. (US) The east side of a district or city
    • 2004, Richard Paloma, The Beach Club[1], page 26:
      The eastside was an area fit for Mule because of his harsh no-nonsense approach to doing business.
    • 2005, Proposed Issuance of Multiple Species Incidental Take Permits Or 4(d) Rules Covering the Washington State Forest Practices Habitat Conservation Plan[2]:
      The no-harvest portion of RMZs of 50 feet (westside) or 30 feet (eastside) would result in full protection (equivalent buffer area indexes of 100 percent) of sediment filtration for fish-bearing streams on the west and eastsides.
    • 2014, Bob Williams, The Eastside of Town[3]:
      I guess many of us were burdened by an inferiority complex because we were from the eastside.